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When I was pregnant I scoured the internet for lists, lists, lists. I craved to find the one-all be-all checklist for what I would need. Turns out there isn’t a simple answer to such a complicated question. When my sister was pregnant she turned to me with the very same question. What started out to be a quick email turned into a series of looong, detailed lists with links, explanations, recommendations, and warnings.

Being a list lover a tip giver I thought it would be fun to share some bits on this blog now and then. So, without further ado…

1. Crayons: Always a must-have, this is my favorite brand because they don’t break. And who can resist this awesome case?!

2. Antibacterial wipes: You’re with a kid, ’nuff said. Things can get pretty gross…

3. Diapers: Derrrr, diaper bag

4. Hand sanitizer: Again with the clean! Yes, it’s a must.

5. Changing pad: I use this everywhere, public changing tables, in the back of the car, on the grass at the park, downstairs when I’m lazy… Mine came with this tote I keep in the car but there are some super cute ones on Etsy.

6. Change of clothes: If you have a newborn, a baby prone to drooling (teething) or a boy  – pack more than one. I should pack more than one – we’ve left more than one restaurant pant-less.

7. First aid kit: I picked up this handy mini in the travel section at Target. The case is super slim and had room for several extra bandaids to be stuffed inside.

8. Snacks: Now who doesn’t need a snack in their pocket? I can’t recommend these enough! Healthy and uber-packable. I also haven’t met  kid yet who doesn’t love them.

9. Sunscreen: I keep it on me at all times. British skin, what can I say?

10. Face wipes: Loving these right now. They are straight saline so they are nice and mild, but do the trick.

11. Tissue: How cute are these?

12: Baggies: Loving the no-odor action!

13: Extra binky: If your kid uses one, believe me you don’t want to be stuck without one. I keep mine in a plastic case for sanitary reasons and also because it is easier to find.

14. Diaper cream: This one is great and comes in a small, easily portable tube.

15. Coloring paper: This is what I currently have in my bag, but I recently discovered the trick of buying all Lucy’s notepads at Daiso. $1.50 each!

16. Baby wipes: How many kind of wipes does one bag need? A lot, apparently. Invest in a case. It’s nicer for mommy earth. Look at this one!

17. Water

Keep in mind this is a list for my 1 1/2 year old girl. The contents of my bag have varied considerably over the past 18 months.

Can you believe all 17 items fit so nicely?

And what about the BAG?

This is a very personal choice. Consider what you like in a purse and expand this on a larger scale. I like a bag I can reach down into without taking off my shoulder. I like LOTS of pockets and compartments and require external pockets that are easy to access.

Mine fit the bill for me because it had everything above, was super cute and was somewhat gender-neutral enough that I wouldn’t feel bad for making my husband carry. Plus, it got it on CLEARANCE. What, what?! Now Jonathan Adler is designing the very same brand! Maybe it’s time for a trade-up (wink wink).

Thirty five things to try and do before I turn 36 (AK!):

  1. Take a class with Lulu
  2. Hang curtains in dining room (that have been in the closet since before Lulu was born)
  3. Redecorate (or actually DECORATE) bedroom
  4. Take more breaks at work
  5. Eat dinner at the table more
  6. Cook one new thing a month
  7. Execute a chore schedule
  8. Learn (again) how to sew and make some pillows
  9. Learn some makeup techniques
  10. Get shellac (it looks rad!)
  11. Get a facial (I’ve never had one!)
  12. Get a massage (notice a pattern?)
  13. Take Lulu to the beach
  14. MORE girls nights
  15. MORE date nights
  16. Finish garden
  17. Find a blogging community to belong to
  18. Organize my photos
  19. Create an original piece of art to hang in my home
  20. Open my Etsy store
  21. Take better care of my skin
  22. Take an art class
  23. Start doing yoga again
  24. Clean out the garage
  25. Hang more artwork throughout the apartment
  26. Go on a vacation!
  27. Take a day off for no reason at all
  28. Spend more than $30 on a pair of shoes
  29. Make another photo book
  30. Fit into my favorite pants
  31. Take a picture of myself that I like
  32. Learn to make resin jewelry
  33. Host a dinner party
  34. Pickle something
  35. Get another tattoo (oh yeah)

Here’s to another awesome year!

Last week I was putting together a list of resolutions (who says they need to be ready on the first?). I got a bit carried away and it starting looking more like a some crazy mathematical graph – no joke, here’s a picture:

I decided there was no sense in getting organized this way and thought that instead I would take advantage of my birthday being so close to the new year. Since my not-so-nifty tree chart already has so many ideas on it I’ve decided to a do a birthday resolution list.

I’ve followed many other people doing this online and love the idea that it keeps you accountable and provides motivation to accomplish your goals. Check out these wonderful ladies:

I also freaking LOVE this book created by Elise Blaha Cripe. Maybe next year I can make something that beautiful, but for now I need to finish this list before my birthday (countdown 4 days).

In the meantime I got a jumpstart on one of my resolutions already! (Is it cheating to start early? Don’t know. Who cares.)

Work goal: Take more breaks (Don’t worry, I work super hard, so this is deserved!)

The other day Lulu took her first dance class (squee!) so I had my camera in my car. Not wanting to leave my most expensive possession in the car I brought it inside to my cubicle.

Later in the afternoon I took a break and starting taking some pics of my work space:

I even stepped outside to take pictures of my nails. Pretty nice, ?:

Nubar "white polka dot" on Anise "frankly, I don't give a-dam"

I think some co-workers saw me and probably think I’m a little weird. If going outside of an office to stand in some January sun snapping photos of my awesome new nail polish is weird then, yes. I am weird.

Taking 10 minutes out of my workday to do something creative really made me feel good… I think the sunshine helped, too. Let’s keep this on the permanent to-do list, ok?

So I’m off to complete my birthday list and provide a blow-by-blow of my progress. Some of the items on there will be fun, educational, WEIRD but most definitely creative. I can’t wait!


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