because you have to start somewhere…

February 16th – 18th

What Martha did over the three-day weekend:


  • Harvest lettuces from greenhouse


  • Hope for snow and cross-country skiing


  • My dog Sparkey’s birthday


Such different lives we lead, Martha…

1. We don’t have a vegetable garden. However, my husband DID mow the lawn.

2. I also live in California, so snow and cross-country skiing are a no-go.

3. None of my cats had a birthday this weekend, but one did get a bath.


So what did we do?

  •  I busted out my food processor and made some yummy things, such as whipped feta, kale salad and meatballs.
  • I also assembled an Ikea dresser, organized some drawers and did about 12,000 loads of laundry.

This week will be filled with lots of prep work for our big Oscar party next weekend. Hopefully Martha can help me stay on track!

xo Becky

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  1. February 19, 2013

    I totally love this series. Just wanted to tell you that. :)

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